. Production and material control

SIMP is an Australian wholly-owned company established in 1995 at Shanghai, mainly manufacturing the medical dressing products with the OEM way, the company's total area: 30000 m2, including four warehouses with an area of 6000 m2, total of 8000 pallets, production workshop area: 11000 m2, including six 100000 - grade purification workshops with an area of 1653 m2. About 600 employees, including 64 technician.

The company has established for about 20 years, has almost 100 advanced production equipments, the main equipment and the product productivity are:

Solvent adhesive coating machine 2pcs: have the coating production capacity of 4.8 million square meters per year; hot melt adhesive coating machine 1pc: the coating production capacity of 2 million square meters per year; die cutting machine and packing machine are more than 40pcs; SIMP has the production capacity of nearly 210 million piece of all kinds of wound care product per year, including all kinds of non-woven IV dressing, Island dressing etc, which have the production capacity of 170 million pieces per year, all kinds of PU island dressing is 24million pcs per year, closure stripes is 12million pieces per year.

Blister packing machine total 6 pcs, production lines total 8pcs, and have the production capacity of various kinds of surgical dressing with 60 million packs per year.

With stable gauze production supply chain, SIMP has strong production capacity of gauze medical dressing, including medical abdominal pad with annual production capacity of 20 million pieces, all kinds of medical gauze piece with annual production capacity of 200 million pieces.

In addition the company also owns one bacteria quantity and physical testing laboratory, one research and development workshop, and all kinds of advanced product testing and raw materials testing instruments.

From the beginning, the company has adhered to the concept of continuous operation and constant improvement, to establish and improve the production management system. At present we are using the K3 MRP II system for effectively ensuring material supply and inventory level control; At the aspect of meeting customer demand and the delivery time SIMP always gets the high praise from global customers.

Looking to the future of the development of the company, we will be obtaining the breakthroughs in the product development/production/business development of the high permeability wound dressing, antibacterial wound dressing, alginate wound dressing, negative pressure wound dressing.