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Founded in 1995, Shanghai ISO Medical Products Co. Ltd (SIMP), a wholly owned Australian company is one of the world’s most respected contract manufacturers in the medical device industry.

SIMP primarily engages in the manufacture, sale, and research and development of single use,  plastic ware, surgical dressings, surgical packs and wound care products. Our products are sold worldwide with Europe, United States and Australia being the top three markets. We also offer turnkey product design services taking a concept and turning it into a commercial reality.


Over the last few years, SIMP has secured a number of patents and has been awarded a multitude of accolades by various government organizations and industry. SIMP meets the requirements and/or has been certified by most governing bodies and internationally recognized standards including U.S. FDA, China SFDA, Australian TGA, ISO13485, ISO9001 and SA8000. 

With a strong focus on cost control, product development and co-development projects with our customers, SIMP has helped many companies to grow and stay one step ahead of the competition. We continually drive cost down by investing in vertical integration, investing in automation, and applying lean manufacturing principles. SIMP has always emphasized and will continue to emphasize collaborative and open relationships that create long-term tangible benefits for our customers.

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